Splash Into Learning

Introducing the Read, Play, Learn Kids Zone at Splash Laundry

Welcome to a new chapter in community engagement and family-friendly amenities at Splash Laundry! We are thrilled to announce the launch of our Read, Play, Learn Kids Zone, a vibrant space dedicated to fostering a love of learning in our youngest customers. This initiative, brought to life in partnership with the LaundryCares Foundation, transforms laundry time into an opportunity for children and their families to engage in reading, learning, and playing together.


The Spark Behind the Initiative

Laundry day might seem mundane, but at Splash Laundry, we see it as a golden opportunity to enrich the lives of our patrons. The Read, Play, Learn Kids Zone is not just about keeping children entertained; it’s a carefully curated space that encourages early childhood development through interactive learning. This initiative aligns perfectly with the mission of the LaundryCares Foundation to serve the community by turning essential laundry services into hubs of educational enrichment.

How It Works

Nestled within the welcoming confines of Splash Laundry, the Read, Play, Learn Kids Zone features a wide range of educational books and engaging activities tailored for children. Here’s what makes this space special:

  • Educational Books: From exciting storybooks to interactive educational materials, our selection is designed to spark curiosity and a love for reading across various age groups.
  • Learning Activities: Thoughtfully chosen activities that not only entertain but also educate, including puzzles, educational games, and age-appropriate challenges that support cognitive development.
  • Family Engagement: We encourage parents and guardians to dive into these activities with their children, making laundry time a bonding experience filled with learning and laughter.


The Impact of LaundryCares

LaundryCares Foundation, with its commitment to enriching the lives of laundry service users, has been instrumental in making the Read, Play, Learn Kids Zone a reality. By providing a platform where free laundry services merge with literacy and learning programs, LaundryCares helps us address the educational needs of children in underserved communities. Their vision of turning laundromats into gateways for basic needs services is innovatively brought to life through initiatives like ours.


Beyond Just Laundry

The Read, Play, Learn Kids Zone is part of a broader effort to transform laundromats into community centers where families can access essential services and information. From hosting Free Laundry & Literacy Days to offering resources on early childhood development and even disaster relief assistance, our partnership with LaundryCares reinforces our commitment to going beyond just cleaning clothes. We’re cleaning up learning barriers and opening doors to new opportunities.


Join Us

We invite all our customers, especially those with young children, to visit Splash Laundry and explore the Read, Play, Learn Kids Zone. It’s a place where children can grow, parents can relax, and communities can come together. Be part of a movement that washes away the ordinary and brings learning to life, right here at your local laundromat.



At Splash Laundry, we believe in making every aspect of our service meaningful. With the Read, Play, Learn Kids Zone, we’re not just offering a laundry solution but a stepping stone to greater knowledge and community connection. Laundry day is now learning day, and we couldn’t be more excited to see the joy and growth it brings to our community’s families.

Join us at Splash Laundry—where clothes get cleaner, and minds grow brighter!